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Sunday, June 17, 2007

How to set the expiration time of the authentication cookie

CPS uses the cookie_authentication tool to handle the cookie authentication engine. By default, the cookie issued by CPS never expires. If you need to set an expiration time, this is your post.

  1. In portal_skins, click the tab Find and search for the script with identifier setAuthCookie.
  2. Click the button "Custom" to edit the script.

  3. Replace the line

    resp.setCookie( cookie_name, cookie_value, path='/')


    from DateTime import DateTime
    expires = (DateTime() + 14).toZone('GMT').rfc822()
    resp.setCookie( cookie_name, cookie_value, path='/', expires=expires)

  4. Log out CPS, log in again and you will not need to log in again until fourteen days later.

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