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Monday, June 18, 2007

How to add new transforms

CPS is configured out-of-the-box to index some types of documents. The indexation relies on a type of object called Transforms contained in the tool portal_transforms. This products allows to index the content of pdf, doc, ppt, and other files format. The steps below show how to add some new transforms:

  1. Install dependencies as debian packages:

    apt-get install lynx pdftohtml python-docutils xpdf ppthtml wv

  2. Go to the tool portal_transforms from ZMI.

  3. Add new objects objects of type Transform and fill the form with the values in the table below.

    Identifier Module
    ppt_to_html Products.PortalTransforms.transforms.ppt_to_html
    pdf_to_html Products.PortalTransforms.transforms.pdf_to_html
    pdf_to_text Products.PortalTransforms.transforms.pdf_to_text

  4. Upload a ppt or pdf file and search for some word of the content in the search form.

Was your uploaded file listed in the search results? Work finished!

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