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Monday, June 11, 2007

How to build an action provider

Almost every link of CPS that let's you do a change on a document is called an action in CMF's jargon.

This post will deal with how to add a tab to the tool portal_imessages so that it allows to define its own actions. Let's start:

  1. Declare our tool as action provider:

    from Products.CMFCore.ActionProviderBase import ActionProviderBase
    class MessagesTool(SimpleItem, PropertyManager, ActionProviderBase):

  2. Declare the “Actions” tab by creating adding a new item to the attribute manage_options.

    manage_options = (
    + SimpleItem.manage_options
    + ActionProviderBase.manage_options

  3. Create the profile specification of the action provider with the list of actions. Add these lines to the actions.xml file.

    <action-provider name=”portal_imessages”>
    <action title="action_send_msg"
    action_id="action_send_msg" category="object"
    condition_expr="python:not portal.portal_membership.isAnonymousUser()"
    url_expr="string:${portal/portal_url}/send_message" visible="True">
    <permission>Modify portal content</permission>

  4. Add the step actions to import_steps.xml.

    <import-step id="actions" version="20040630-01"
    title="Action Providers">
    <dependency step="toolset"/>
    Import actions tool's action providers and their actions.

    Don't relax!! It's almost done...

  5. Restart Zope's instance

  6. Go to portal_setup tool and import the profile CPS Messages

  7. Go to the tool portal_imessages and you should see the tab Actions.

I'll be waiting for your comments of success... ;-)

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