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Friday, October 12, 2007

How to create documents programatically

Sometimes you will need to create content programatically, a clear use case is to create default content in the member area. Let's suppose that you need to create a blog in each member area when the member area is created. There's a script called createMemberContent.py that can be customized for this issue.

  1. Search for the createMemberContent.py in the portal_skins tool and click "Customized" or create a new file for it in your product's skins folder.
  2. The parameters of the createMemberContent.py script are:

    • member: An object with the current member data of the autenthicated user, i.e. the owner of the new member area.

    • member_id: The identifier of the member in string format.

    • member_folder: A proxy to the member area where content will be created.

  3. Given those parameters, the content of the script should be:

    blog_id = 'blog'
    member_folder.invokeFactory('Blog', blog_id)
    blogProxy = getattr(member_folder, _id)

    # Give permission to view the blog to all authenticated members
    blogProxy.manage_setLocalGroupRoles('role:Authenticated', ('BlogReader',))

    # Edit the document with valid information.
    blog = docProxy.getEditableContent()
    blogDef = {'Title': 'Blog'}
    blog.edit(blogDef, blogProxy)

  4. Go to the directory members and create a new member with private member area allowed.
  5. Log in the site and check that the blog has been created in the member area.

As homework, how would you do it to give to the blog a more descriptive title, say "Blog of Alan Turing". Of course, where "Alan Turing" is the name of the owner of the blog ;-).

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