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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How to hide a widget for a given workflow state

When dealing with workflows and states you may need to hide or show a widget of a layout depending on the current state of a document.

Suppose that you need to hide the widget Subject of the layout newsitem_end when the news item state is not 'published', then the TALES expression to use in the property "Hidden if" of the widget is:

python:context.getContentInfo(level=1)['review_state'] not in ['published']

And that's all, notice that TALES expressions are really powerful to hide and show widgets depending on the value of any other data in the portal.

See you!


danieltellez said...

many thanks. it's really helpful.

Ju said...

Thanks a lot! It was really helpfull.
I searched this expression for many weeks!

I used it as a Condition in "portal_types/My_Type/" -> Actions

It works perfectly!